AA7BG LP 160

Matthew S. Trott 0007288678 at mcimail.com
Mon Jan 29 00:04:00 EST 1996

Didn't think I'd spend much time in this test seeins' how I don't have a 160m
antenna, but other than going to a basketball game Saturday night and haveing a
late birthday celebration, I was on a fair amount. 

-----	------	------		----	---------
218	44	6		9	33,276

Rig: TS930

Ant: Well, I took a paperclip see, and I wound it around the center pin of the
coax coming from the 80m inverted vee. Then I attached it (paper clip) to the
binding post on the back of the xvrtr and whatdaya know it loaded up pretty
well. I guess condx musta been pretty good cuz before this weekend my country
total stood at 3 on 160 and now it's at 11 (lookout W4DR). 

I mostly S&P'd but I had a few small runs going at times. I was even being
called by east coast stations. When I've goofed around before on 160 (ARRL) I
could only hear a few big guns on east coast. This weekend I could hear LOTs of

One other thing about the antenna, the apex is at 20 feet and it tapers down to
about 9 feet on the ends (of course I was only using one side of it). 

I sure didn't expect to almost WAS on top band this weekend. 

Most patient award goes to 8P9DX. He worked with me at least 5 minutes until we
had a legit contact. I found I could work most of the stuff I could hear. 

All you guys with the beverages, have a beverage on me!

73, Matt--AA7BG
aa7bg at mcimail.com

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