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Mon Jan 29 11:09:11 EST 1996

VP9AD S/O - QSOs = 1630, States/Prov. = 58, DX = 62  ==> 1,220,880

I went into the contest with two goals:  1) Break a million points, 
and/or 2) make 1400 QSOs.  Goad 1 was achieved by 05Z Sunday, so I 
upped the goal to 1.25 Meg.

Some "Contest Bites:"  My strategy was to call CQ, which I did for 
all but one contact, KH6CC.  Condx to Eu disappointing Friday, but 
excellent Saturday.  Best DX was on Saturday/Sunday with UA9, UN, KL7 
(first ever KL7-VP9 QSO on 160?) and VK at sunrise to the minute.  
Managed WAC, but where was Africa this year?  Best hour: 22Z Friday 
with 138, all US/VE.  Quit both mornings at 12Z when rate fell 
through the floor.  407 10 point contacts, with only 135 the first 
night.  DX country with most Qs was DL at 89, followed by G at 52.

All in all, a very fun contest!

73 - Dave N3RD
n3rd at ix.netcom.com

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