WX9E 160

WX9E at aol.com WX9E at aol.com
Tue Jan 30 16:27:47 EST 1996

                        Single op   Low Power

              387 x  65  (11 countries  & 54 W/VE)

Missed ME, ID (heard W7ZRC), ND (no WB0O?), VO1, VO2, VE8, VY1

Oped about 10 hours with a low shortened half wave (1/4 wave?) sloper and 90
watts from the QTH of K9QVB.  Seemed like there were a record number of WV
stations on!  KC8MK was the loudest followed by NI8L.  Surprised to work any
DX at all...  logged F5IN, G0IVZ (IZV? don't have the log in front of me),
the P4s, ON4UN, PJ9Z, VP2VD, VP9AD, and a few others,  ran into some
JG3???/6y5 calling CQ with no takers at 1801.  This contest is would be tough
with no beverage if you want to do it seriously!

CU all in the sprints!

Paul  WX9E

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