SPECK at uansv3.Vanderbilt.Edu SPECK at uansv3.Vanderbilt.Edu
Tue Jan 30 17:24:26 EST 1996

             K0EJ - nr Nashville, TN

637 Qs = 1714 Pts x (25 C + 52 States/Provinces) = 131,978
Total Operating Time: 12-1/2 hrs
Club: Tennessee Contest Group

Equipment: TS930->LK500Z (600W)-> Inverted L 65' high
W/VE Missed: ND/NE, NS/VO1/VO2/VY1/VE8/VE4 

DX Worked: 6Y, 8P, CT, DL, EI, FM, G, GW, HB, JA, KG4, KH6, KL7, KP4, OM, ON 
           P4, PA, PJ9, S5, SP, TI, UA2, VP9, XE

Couldn't go full-time. QRN was bad Friday. Quit at 11PM after only operating 6 
hours.  I hate feeling like an alligator (all mouth/no ears) as I could hear 
stations calling but just couldn't pull them out. Got up Saturday AM, no QRN 
but no JAs.  Got back on Saturday nite at 11PM and never worked so many EU on 
160 (had my first ever EU pileup!!) Played until 2:30 and then back on at abt 
5 AM. Checked for JAs at abt 6:30 and they were LOUD - worked 3 but had to 
quit. Very FUN contest!! Highlites (beside short EU run and 3 JAs was KL7Y to 
complete 160M WAS. Also noticed definite sunset effect both nites on 3 EUs 
(ON, SP, and DL) Friday nite, even thru QRN and several others Sat.

					73,  Mark K0EJ 

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