WB9HRO 160 Score

JHFitzJr at aol.com JHFitzJr at aol.com
Tue Jan 30 23:16:28 EST 1996

WB9HRO   Single Op, Hi Power, No Assist   Wisconsin

QSOs:   506
States:    50
VE:          8 missed VO1, VO2, VE8
DX:          16
Score: 91,242
Time:       13

Equipment: IC-765 , AL-82 1 KW, Full Wave Horizontal Loop partly below
ground, Inv L with 2 radials, broken Beverages, Wood Burning Stove.

Ice storm played havoc with antennas at Northern Wisconsin (soon to be a new
ARRL Section, and a new state), cabin QTH. Spent 4 hrs after arriving heating
cabin and trying to get a transmitting antenna to work. Vertical with 2500 +
ft of radials had broken top hat. Spent Saturday chainsawing downed timber
and surveying damage. Made WAS, hardest KL7, KH6, ME, MS. Loads of DX, even
worked some of it, a rarity from here.
Thanx for the Qs.

73 Jim

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