Donald Russell drussell at knox.net
Mon Jul 22 21:57:06 EDT 1996

     Call used: WA8YRS Location: OH
     Category: Single Op All Band Mode: RTTY Power: 050W
     Callsign of Operator: WA8YRS
     Exchanged Information: WA8YRS DON OH
     Hours of Operation: 06:05
     band   QSOs   points   mults
     160     0       0        0
      80     9       9        6
      40    25      25       17
      20    33      33       16
      15     4       4        1
      10     0       0        0
     TOTAL  71      71       40    SCORE: 2,840
     Comments: Never, ever been on rtty before, but I accepted the
               challenge given on the contest forum.  Decided to
               give it a try when a planned fishing trip fell through. 
               Had to hunt up my tnc, which was buried in the closet
               waiting for a hamfest.  Cables weren't in the same place! 
               Too late to order the WF1B logging software so had to
               go with NA and its packet window.  Found out real quick
               that the recieved text is buffered until an end of line
               and carriage return were detected.  Then it prints all
               at once.  This didn't work with fast, short contest
               exchanges, so had to defeat this by setting screenline
               to 10 on the tnc.  Now every 10 characters there was
               a forced cr.  Not good, but worked fairly effectively. 
               At least it let me join the fun!  I will be better
               prepared for the next one!
               FT-757GXii, MFJ-1278, NIR-12 DSP (real effective on rtty)
               vert. on 40, inverted V on 80 and A3A at 50 ft on 20 and 15, 
               with an R5 at 55 ft.
        73, Don, WA8YRS     drussell at knox.net

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