N4OO VHF Contest Results

k6eid at avana.net k6eid at avana.net
Tue Jun 11 15:54:57 EDT 1996

N4OO was on from Alligator Point, FL in EL79. Ops were K6EID, K7RLS, and N4OO. Only operated 6 and 2 with modest stations.

6 meters - 280 QSOs with 95 grid squares

2 meters - 12 QSOs with 9 grid squares

Total score 30,368 points.

Wrked 2 Europeans on 6, PA3 and G3. They came bk to our CW CQ TEST call!

Phil Finkle, K6EID for N4OO

E-mail: k6eid at avana.net
Date: 06/11/96
Time: 14:54:57

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