Jim Stahl k8mr at barf80.nshore.org
Wed Jun 12 10:37:52 EDT 1996

     June VHF QSO Party  -  K8MR  -  single op  -  OH  -  EN91
     50     232  109    TR-6                         5L @ 80'
    144     122   30    TS-830S TV-502S   70 W      13B2 @75'
    222      29   20    DEM 222/28 RF Concepts 120W 16L @ 73'
    432      48   21    DEM 432/28                  16L @ 67'
  Total     431  180      91,440
My first time on 222; I bought the DEM kit at Dayton, and the
antenna went up at 11 am Saturday.  Several stations were passing
to 222.160 or 170; why so high,  out of the weak signal subband? 
Here in N.E. Ohio 222.16 is used for PacketCluster linking, so I
had to suggest a frequency lower in the band.  
Tropo was poor; in my first half hour Sunday morning I made only
3 QSOs.  Six was obviously a different story, although northeast
Ohio is a frustating location on six, too far from the east coast
for tropo, not far enough for Es.  VE9AA and VY2/W3EP were the
only Es QSOs in that direction.  
Jim Stahl  K8MR   k8mr at barf80.nshore.org

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