VHF/UHF ARRL June results from N5HHS

RossDeb Baker rdbaker at firstnethou.com
Wed Jun 12 23:18:01 EDT 1996

Here are my preliminary single-op results from EM10 near Brenham, TX 
(my weekend QTH): 
               Band				QSO's			Grids
									50				1028				232
								144						39					16
								432						16						9       TOTAL  278,331

Terrific Band Conditions. Never a let-up...the pile-ups just kept coming 
and coming. On Sunday had to escape to above 50.2: unbelievable that the 
pile-ups just followed. Seems there's no dirth of 6 meter ops as in other 
contests. Running TS680 to Heath SB200 and old 34' 11 element yagi at 
40' on 50, TS711 to Henry 2002A to 16LBX at 60' on 144, and TS811 
to 100W brick to 30LBX at 65' on 432. Thanks to all for the great 

73, Ross

P.S. The only problem: I lost four hours of log beginning from the third 
hour. (Has anyone running Mac Excel had confirmations of continually 
saving files but after a bomb had nothing saved? I couldn't believe it!)  
Many contacts were never recovered during a prolific period. I almost 
stopped...but glad I didn't!

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