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Woods, Eric D edwoods edwoods at pbsac01.isp.PacBell.COM
Tue Jun 25 16:04:00 EDT 1996

OK, here's the results of now having microsoft mail in my computer.

1)   I don't know how to bring in a file from disk to "compose"..I heard 
that "attaching" files is a bad
     thing to do netiquette wise.

2)   I suppose that my columns of numbers will oscillate freely about the z 
axis, since I am not a
     desktop printing expert.

>From Latrobe Ca.  - 1 hr SE of Saramento at KN6OX's family property 
overlooking the Cosumnes River.

The Cosumnes River Short Tower and Barbeque Society announces its 1996 FD 

Operators:     AA6WJ, KF6A, KN6OX, KN6UV, KJ6TC, KO6OU,N6UXB, NB6G, NV6O

Visitors:      WG6H. WV5S

Rigs:          Stn 1:    765
          Stn 2:    940

Ants:          80   vee at 40' apex
          40   dipole at 30'
          20   204BA at 30'
          15   TH-3
          10       "

     80   104       247
     40   225       164
     20   324       302
     15     10       58
     10        0          35
     pkt       1    
          664                               806

     1328 + 806 = 2134 x 2 = 4268 +400 = 4668   I think

Temp. was < 90 F this year.  20 F cooler than last year, so the antenna work 
was more easily accomplished.  No dogs this year, but 1 7 mo infant.  Dave 
P. Nutt, son of Don KJ6TC and Amy N6UXB.
Luckily, P. Nutts older sister, Jessica was there to help baby sitting. 
 Julie, KN6UV, had her son Anthony there also.

The inexperienced contesters loved the networking of the two computers.  It 
made it more interesting for them I think.

Jim WV5S from Okla. City was in the area and came up to watch us silly W6's 
in the heat and partake of the annual cooked -too- much- food barbeque.

6 people put up antennas and station, 20 ate dinner, 5 took station down. 
 Jim doesn't count cause he's a guest and he helped me assemble coax 

Next meeting of the CRST&BS is CQP in March.  Look for 3 or 4 500 w mobiles 
rotating thru Glenn, Sutter, Colusa and Yolo counties.  Will they keep the 
same calls/ops for each county?  Never know.  I do like inverted starts in 
car racing too.

Eric, NV6O
edwoods at

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