Skelton, Tom skeltt at mmsmtp2.ColumbiaSC.ATTGIS.COM
Mon Mar 4 08:01:00 EST 1996

Hopefully my last feeble  attempt at contesting in the new QTH without
a tower and the 40-10m yagis....

TS690, TS930, SB-220
160: nil
80: 1/4 wave 'gamma' vertical, sort-of elevated feed:  49Q, 33C
40: sickly dipole at 30 ft:  39Q, 23C
20: 40m dipole: 2Q,2C (had planned to spend Sunday afternoon on 20
but got redirected by XYL....that was OK, it was to reconfigure
older son's computer and have a couple of Rolling Rocks together)
15:  40m dipole:  39Q, 30C
10:  40m dipole:  5Q, 2C
total:  131Q, 90C, 35K

1.  just getting the time to get on the air
2.  T93M telling me on 80m my signal was "booming"  (sunrise peaks are nice)
3.  listening to the rhythm of the really good ops
4.  learning from the really good ops and from the mistakes of those who are 
still learning (as I am)
5.  the 80m vertical performed well -- is making me a believer about 
full-sized verticals
for the low bands

1.  KG4AA on 80 ssb last Sunday night.  He is a phoney, right?  Not in
callbook or Buck..????
2.  usual problems on 80m when a DX station picks a QSX freq on which the US 
locals have an
on-going-every-night-of-the-week-every-week-of-the-year QSO and the W/VE 
stations call
on top of it (it really brings out the best in the local's vocabulary)

Most interesting comment from the note file:
9A1A, IG8R and IQ4A were all using the EXACT same 40m QSX frequency at one 
point.  I'll bet a lot
of QSO's get rejected by the log checkers there!

73!  Tom WB4iUX

WB4iUX at AOL.COM or
Tom.Skelton at ColumbiaSC.ATTGIS.COM


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