Jim Stevens ki4hn at nando.net
Mon Mar 4 21:57:28 EST 1996

Band   QSOs   Countries    Antennas
160       44           39           Inv V @ 110 feet
 80      138           64           Inv V @ 110 feet
 40      284           69           402CD @ 130 feet
 20      770         108           204BA @ 120 feet, Pro67 @ 70 feet
 15      226           81           4 el  @ 90 feet, Pro67 @ 70 feet
 10       43             7            6 el @ 80 feet, Pro67 @ 70 feet
        1505          368           
Score = 1,661,520


Equipment: FT-990, AL-1200, Computer, Packet, QRZ Voice Keyer (thank God)
This was only the second time that I had operated M/S in ARRL DX, and my impression
of it is: single-op assisted with a 10-minute handicap.  BTW have you read the rules for
M/S closely.  I'm reading from Dec94 QST since ARRL chose not to publish the rules this
year :-(   It says, "Single Transmitter.  One transmitted signal at any given time.
Once the station has begun operation on a given band, it must remain on that band for at
least 10 minutes; listening time counts as operating time".  This rule would seem to
preclude using a 2nd radio (or VFO if you have a FT-1000) from looking for mults on
another band.  Is this what is intended?  Of course transmitting on the other band
to work the mults should start the 10 minute clock.

160: Very good for us.  Worked all the EU we could hear.  Unfortunately Will has no area for
beverages, and the EWE that he put up hears no better than the Inv V.  No luck CQing in
limited attempts.

80: Good, but I didn't think as good as WPX SSB last year when I did single op at Will's.
We didn't get the EU runs like I did last year partially because of 40 (see below).

40: What a difference an antenna makes.  Great runs to EU at their sunrise both nights.  
Also had an A4 call in on Friday night.  In last year's WPX SSB I only had the Pro67 for 40M.  
This was first hand experience that the 402CD kicks the Pro67's a** big time.

20: Solid band as usual.  Good stuff that called in were TT and 7Q.  Couldn't break the
pile-up on the VQ9 before he left for his launch :-(

15: What a difference a day makes.  Good EU run on Saturday, nothing but S propagation
on Sunday.  Did get the VP2M YL before she went QRT: didn't know there was a contest,
didn't know how much power she was running and OM was gone, but KC1XX did coax out her
that she had a Drake amp so we went with K for the report.

10: Decent openings both days, but couldn't get any Caribbean in the log.  Tried moving with
VP2E and FS5PL at different times, but no luck.  It was all SA, XE, and the 10M beacon:

Fun as usual,

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