Larry Reader readerl at goliath.sunyocc.edu
Tue Mar 5 05:23:27 EST 1996

Just got back from Windwood.  Great time, marred by the fact that my
suitcase was broken into and computer, keyer, DVK and SWR analyzer stolen in
Newark on the way home.  Luckily I had saved the BIN files in my carry on.

Finally think we've got the antennas right at Windwood.  Gratifying to hear
comments like "Crushing signal (20)", "loudest on the band (15)" and my
favorite, "pinned the meter, on the transmit antenna! (160)".  Did, however,
move when ON4UN asked, on 80 (out of respect, of course!).

BTW, the Ham who rented Windwood for both the CW and SSB WPX contests has
had to withdraw so the station is available if anyone is interested.  Drop
me a note.  

The numbers:

WP2AHW - St Croix - M/S - ops KE2VB and WD5N

160    342/53
80     850/58
40    1074/59
20    2117/59
15    3013/59
10      95/18

totals: 7491/306  = 6,876,738  preliminary score

Windwood is located on top of a 900 ft cliff on the north coast of St.
Croix.  Antennas - C4XL and dipoles on 80 and 160.  FT1000 and AL80A.

Thanks to all for a super time and, of course, to Dave Harper, WD5N, a great
CW op who proved he's just as good on phone!!!!

readerl at goliath.sunyocc.edu

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