Charles Fulp k3ww at fast.net
Wed Mar 6 00:27:48 EST 1996

Repost from Packet Cluster BBS at the request of K2TW who is between
internet providers.

I know it's hard to relate to a DX station's score, but I figure there must
be a few interested:
PJ9G M/S from Bonaire by K2NG, K2TW:
 160   382   53
  80   798   59
  40   864   58
  20  2034   58
  15  2552   59
  10   116   22
TOTAL 6746  309 = 6,253,542
That averages 140/hr for the contest, which is considerably down from last
year's 9150/48 = 190/hr. Of course the reason is almost non-existent
propagation on 10 mtrs, where we were down by 2689 Q's ! We were very lucky
to catch the only 10m opening (Sunday 1950-2050Z).
Hopefully next year will bring better conditions and a rule change to allow
expeditions to count for club score. Tnx for all the Q's...73 Tom K2TW >K2TW
P.S. Equip't was TS940S, SB-220 (tried an Alpha 78 on Sun), A3 @ 30', 14AVQ
     vertical for 40, homebrew 80 mtr vert, 160 mtr wire.

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