ARRL Phone (N2RM)

RMoore8 at RMoore8 at
Wed Mar 6 17:18:22 EST 1996

Multi Multi @ N2RM

160      126/54
80       590/95
40       485/91
20      1810/138
15       394/98
10        65/13
Equipment (6 stations)

160 & 10  IC781 & Commander amp
80       FT-1000 & Henry 2k Classic X
40 & 15  FT-1000 & Titan,  TS-940 & Titan  
20       FT-1000 & Alpha 87,  Omni VI & Titan


160  (2)Phased inverted l's, half wave spacing, in phase NE/SW, or out of     
     phase SE/NW

 80  2 element Wire parasitic beam at 120 feet NE/SW
     2 element Phased wire beam at 100 feet SE/NW
40   2 0ver 2 Cushcrafts at 140 over 60 feet(lower fixed on europe)
     3 element wire beam at 80 feet fixed on europe

20   5 over 5 klm's at 110 over 50 feet (lower fixed on europe)
     204ba at 65 feet

15   4/4/4/4 cushcrafts on 140 feet tower - equally spaced

10   6/6/6 klms at 41 64 and 87 feet

Beverages shared on 160 and 80  NE,  E,  S, and  NW.  West beverage was
out of commission

Band by Band Story

The inverted l's were working up to par after having a bad matching section 
on CW which marred their usual good performance.  Only disappointment was not 
being to hear or work some of the Juicy multipliers that our competitor to 
the west did.
First time effort at RM by WB2K and he did a good job there.  One of our 
usual operators, WM2H, operated at W3LPL since he's now living in MD. 
Big problems trying to find a semiclear receive frequency.
The Money band was operated by who else - N2AA.  He was ably assisted 
primarily by W2RQ.
We were only able to run Europe Saturday.  First qso with Italy was with the 
beams pointed south east.  
Most of the qso's were on Sunday.

Overall we're quite pleased with our results, especially since 2 weeks 
previously we didn't even know who our ops would be or what category we would 
enter.  N2NT and KZ2S  - RM regulars, operated at N2NT's station.  The 
operations fate was sealed however when N2AA and W2RQ agreed to come down and 
operate 20.  Without good ops there we knew our goose would be cooked.  For 
much of Sunday daylight hours we only had 3 ops with the others catching some 

                   73, N2RM

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