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Mon Mar 11 10:15:13 EST 1996

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>Hi Bruce 
>Try:  JerryWB9Z at
>73 de Jerry
Hey! There you are!!

I'm new to the internet so keep that in mind...HI HI

I would like to invite you to come operate with us Multi/Single for WPX SSB.
Wouldn't want you to get a "nose bleed" from operating on the higher bands,
so would give you choice of band/time convenient to your availability. I
know this is a long shot as you are most likely already booked. I'm sure you
would have a blast with the gang at AA8U and you would find it worth the
long drive. If it is possible for you to join us, please do. We will be
trying to beat our last year's 2nd place USA finish.....won't be easy for
sure! Using KT8X for the contest callsign. Have some tough local competition
at K8CC using NE8T. We beat them last year by a slim margin, now 2 out of 3
for wpx.....needless to say they are MOTIVATED. Last time they threw down
the gauntled and did a bit of boasting, this time not a peep. 

Hope to hear from you soon.
73 for now,

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