6Meter Sprint Result fm K3RA@K3MQH

Roland A. Anders anders at mail.erols.com
Sun May 19 13:31:54 EDT 1996

Score from K3RA @ K3MQH  131 Q, 36 G.  Had transverter problems
during the last 2 hours which caused the RX to be intermittent.  Either
the TR circuit or the oscillator was causing there to be nothing but
noise in the RX on release of PTT, so I may have not heard some of you
when you called.  Sorry for the problems.  I managed to get it working
most of the time by installing a cooling fan, but it was still a problem.
At least there is time to fix things before June. Thanks for the Q's!
- Rol K3RA @ K3MQH

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