WPX CW Summary - KK9W

David R. Andersen kk9w at solon.eng.uiowa.edu
Mon May 27 00:57:58 EDT 1996

                  CQ WORLD WIDE PREFIX CONTEST -- 1996

      Call: KK9W                     Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator Unassisted
                                                               (no packet)
                                               Single Band (20m)
                                               Low Power (80W)


      160        0        0   0.0        0
       80        0        0   0.0        0
       40        0        0   0.0        0
       20      570      822   1.4      375
       15        0        0   0.0        0
       10        0        0   0.0        0

     Totals    570      822   1.4      375  =   308,250

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description:

TH3Jr at 75 feet, CT9.23, FT101EE, Bencher Paddles, MFJ493 Keyer.


   We had high winds/rain/thunderstorms just prior to, and during the whole
contest weekend.  Lots of trees down around here, but my tower stayed up
just fine.

   Conditions were terrible.  QRN from the storms and poor propagation made
for very slow going.  I did have one nice opening to JA for about an hour
on saturday evening local time.  I suppose that would have to be the high
point of the contest.

   Thanks for the QSO's and see you in the next one.....


Club Affiliation: Eastern Iowa DX Association

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.

                             Signature _____DRA_________________________


               David R. Andersen  KK9W
               2761 Lakeview Dr. NE
               Solon, IA 52333
               Email:  kk9w at solon.eng.uiowa.edu

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