Bill Fisher, KM9P km9p at
Mon May 27 14:52:27 EDT 1996

3.8 Million in 31 hours.  Left the files on the computer up at the shack.
Something like 2000 QSO's and 750 mults I think.  

This contest was more fun when you had to think about when to take your off
times.  Let's see...  We changed the rules to 36 hours so that the guys that
went out of the country would have more operating time.  Hmmmm...  Sure hope
those 4 guys enjoyed the extra time.  

Crap that happened:

-Lost power 30 mins before the contest.  Frantically hooked up the generator
that only had 1/4 of a tank of gas left in it.  Ran the first 1.5 hours on
the generator and my 761 hooked up to an SB221.  Probably some hillbilly
that hit a pole on the way back from the liquor store.

-QRT'ed for the night at 0430Z due to severe (and I mean SEVERE) WX.
Thought for sure I'de see a tree go down, but never did.  Before 0430 I had
a real hard time hearing anything on 40M.  80M - Ya right.  FT1000MP was a
God-send for copying signals in the noise.  I'll have another before the fall.

-QRTed for good at 2000Z on Sunday due to another approaching storm.  S7
static crashes on 20M did me in.  Missed the last 5 hours of the contest.


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