Bill Rindone ve7sbo at
Wed May 29 13:46:35 EDT 1996

        Call            QSO's           Points          Mults           Score

        VD7SBO          442             1238            304             376,352

        Breakdown:                      Equiptment: TS940+ TS520 Integrated Stns
        BAND    QSO's                     5 watts   Curtis Memory Keyers
        160       0                                 DSP's, ICE Band Filters    
         80       4                     Antennas:   15 - Force 12 - 5 el at
         40      77                                 20 - 204BA - 4 el at 135'   
         20     317                                 40 - HB full size 3el at 80'
         15      44                                    + HB full size 2el at 80'
                                                    80 - Invee at 100'
        Totals  442 q's                            160 - Invee at 130'
                                                   All on a 200 foot bluff over 
                                                   270 degrees of salt water.

We found conditions to be excellent. Particularly on 20 meters which was
open 24 hours and qrp workable for all but about 5 hours a night. We had
over the pole europeans workable almost all of that time.

The neat thing about qrp is you can usually tell who can be worked by their
signal strength. The exception being a qrp station on the end (which you
seldom work because neither of you can CQ effectively). This becomes a 98% S
& P operation which, for those of whose mental speed seems to deminish with
age, is a welcome breather between the all out QRO Tests.

One surprise was the lack of problem with the VD7 call sign. It probably
cost us 15 minutes of operating time, but at qrp rates that translates into
5 qso's. On the other hand we were able to get a run (if you stretch the
term) going on Sunday afternoon. I'd like to think that those calls came
because of the Sunday drivers who would call a VD7 versus a plain old VE7.
Probably a trade off.

Last year we were qrp 20 meter only and had 319 q's. This year we added the
other bands and had 317 q's on 20. Although last years 20 meter score was
good for world high (and possibly would be this year) as an all band entrant
we'll be lucky to get into the top ten. The European stations don't have all
of europe to easily work on 20 due to the skip zone being too long and back
scatter not nearly as effective. However when it becomes an all band affair
they can knock your socks off on the low bands!

Bill, VE7SBO, etc.

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