S50C WPX CW 40

s53rm at s55tcp.ampr.org s53rm at s55tcp.ampr.org
Fri May 31 08:31:08 EDT 1996


      Call: S50C                     Country:  Slovenia
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator - 40m
      Operator: Sine - S53RM                               

       40     1492     5558   3.7      615
     Totals   1492     5558   3.7      615  =   3,418,170

Equipment Description:

RIG: IC-735 + PA 1500W
ANT: 2 el. quad
Location: mt. Menina - 1508 m a.s.l. 

Member of Dream Team  


This was my first 40m contest ever and first short wave CW operation after  
seven years. I was practically forced to operate, because all other 
'Dream Team' members were busy. (S53CC, who normally operates CW contests
must studying, S53MM and S55OO had VHF meeting in Ljubljana, S53BB 
worked in Saturday). If the things are normal, I just help them 
assembling antennas and take care of equipment and power generator, 
but most of the time I lay on the upper bed in the shack and watching 
down how the things are developing HI...
So, in Friday after we put 2el. quad on the tower they left the mountain. 
Only S51MW - Marjan, old friend of mine, stay, to do my usual job...
First hours of the contest were not very good for me. I just try to handle
QRM and try to put my mind, ears and fingers in order. Around 8 GMT I 
take first 6 hours pause and in the afternoon started to work JA stations. 
This is hard job! I don't know why QRN or QRM starts always at the same 
letter of the weak station callsign HI ?  I lost many precious minutes 
because JA using abbreviations for numbers. They are not strong in EU 
and I prefer to receive normal numbers when the signals are weak and 
covered with UA and EU QRM.... Quite often, when I ask for confirming the 
QSO number I received, I get the same number again, instead RR, QSL or OK.
Imagine, when the signals are weak, you can think, that you were wrong 
first time... It was big relieve working NA second night.... Second day 
I take pause from 8 to 14 again. Maybe I make a mistake not working EU at 
noon for one hour. Anyway, I managed to brake down Tine's EU record, but 
S50A is better again.

Thanks S58MC, S55OO, S53CC and S51MW for helping with preparations for the 
contest and see you all next time...

                                      73 Sine - S53RM

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