96 CQP KG8PE multi (puny)

Kevin J. Grammes kb8pk at tc3net.com
Mon Oct 7 16:12:04 EDT 1996

1996 CQP Multi /single from   MICHIGAN            KG8PE  =20
ops. KB8PK     (kevin)				Rig- Icom 737a
       KC8CCQ   (sara age 10)			Ant- Pro67b up 70'
       KG8PE      (mike age 13)			        Inv vee for 80m.=09

Cw q's- 161....SSb q's- 151....Mults- 53 	      TOTAL SCORE     41,605

Our goal was to work all 58 counties, maybe next year had a fun time =
searching for them though, thanks to all who were patient with us and =
worked to make the contacts. See you next year.........

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