W6GO CQP score - M/S

Jim Pratt n6ig at netcom.com
Wed Oct 9 13:55:48 EDT 1996

1996 California QSO Party

W6GO   Multi-Single

Band      CW   Phone
160        32     21
80        144    147
40        270    216
20        283   1354
15         46     81
10          0      0
 2          0      2
TOTAL     775   1821    x 58 mults = 346,202

Operators:  K6HHD, N6IG, NB6G, W6GO

Comments:  We had several conflicting sets of the rules.  QST had the 
correct dates, but said there was a "10-minute rule" (but didn't define 
it). CQ had the contest being in the middle of the week, and no mention 
of the "10-minute rule".  The rules from the NCCC didn't mention a 
10-minute rule either, but said logs needed to be submitted by a date in 
1994, and that "YV1/VE8" was a multiplier.  So, we inquired Friday night 
both on packet as well as on the contest reflector.

AD6E passed on that they would not be holding multi-singles to a 
10-minute rule, so off we went.  We were a "fully-octopussed" 
multi-single.  Transmitters were interlocked, so only one signal on at a 
time, but we jumped back and forth a lot.  Great fun and a great 
challenge.  Spent lots of time on 20 AND 15, or 20 AND 40, hence the big 
20 meter total.  Once I had a frequency, I never wanted to let it go on 
20!  (By the way, since when is 14238 an SSTV frequency?  Lots of jamming 
from SSTVers there...)

Does anyone have a set of contest records for CQP handy?  I have asked 
many people for the M/S record, but no one knows for sure.  I doubt if we 
set a record, but it would be interesting to find out.

Thanks to all for the contacts and 73!  Jim  N6IG

                                             n6ig at netcom.com

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