AA3JU M/M PA QSO partu

George C. Cook george at epix.net
Wed Oct 16 18:51:47 EDT 1996

Summary of 1996 PA QSO Party

Call:       AA3JU
Catagory:   Multi Multi
County:     Northampton
Power:      QRO
Club:       DLARC

Team members:  AA3JU, N2MZH, KE3RR, N3QZR, N3TFG

BAND         QSO     POINTS           MULTS     SECTIONS     COUNTYS
==============================      =================================
160/80 CW    127     254                           80          67
Other CW     228     342            --------------------------------- 
HF Phone     1210    1210           Total           147
VHF Phone    74      74
Total       1639     1880
*Mults               *147
Sub                   276,360
+ 2 W3OK @ 200            400
Score                 276,760

Equipment: Kenwood TS930, Kenwood TS940, Ten Tec Scout, Henry 2K-X, Alpha 76a
           Kenwood 241

Antennas: 160 Inverted L
          80  2 El Wire Yaggis N/E and S/E, Full wave horizontal loop
          40 Dipole, Vertical Loop
    20/15/10 2 el Quad, Mosley CL33
           2 14 el boomer
         440 Rubber Ducky

Had staffing problems on Sunday and ran everyones behind ragged.  20 once again
was the gravy band here with lots of EUs and West coasties.  Thanks to all
the expeditionares you made lots of county sweeps from what I can see!  Is
there any one left down on the US VI??  Also many thanks for all my 10 
meter pals in NY and NJ for comming out also to the missionaries on 15
meters that gave us a few points.

I hearby declare that this station was opperated in full compliance with a 
US Extra class license and that niether I nor any member of my team
knowingly violated any rule either written or intended in this contest.

George C. Cook    AA3JU  
*George Cook.....AA3JU.....AKA "The Ratman" *
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