PA QSO Party Results - K8HVT/M

L. Schopfer larax at
Sat Oct 19 14:00:03 EDT 1996

Here are the preliminary results from K8HVT/M operating mobile 
multi/multi in the 1996 Pennsylvania QSO Party:

Year  80CW  CW   SSB  TotQ's  Ctys  Secs Mult    TotScore
1996  296      476   527    1299     61     70     131      247,623

This was the 8th year in a row for Hal, K8HVT and Larry, N2AZS to 
operate the PA QSO Party as a mobile multi/multi.  Although band 
conditions on the all-important 40m were quite long, a NEW RECORD was 
set.  Our old record set in 1991 was eclipsed by over 15,000 points 
and 30 QSO's.  We operated from 15 different counties including the 
rare Union, Northumberland, and Clinton.

The terrible high band conditions forced us to move earlier than ever 
to 80/75 and for the first time to 160CW.  However, the long 
conditions on 20 and 40 enabled us to work nearly all western US
sections in arriving at 70 ARRL sections (another record).

We has 670 Qs on Saturday (in 13 hours) and 629 Qs on Sunday (in 9 

Thanks to all those that pulled us out and followed us across 


Hal Offutt (K8HVT) - woffutt at
Larry Schopfer (N2AZS) - larrys at


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