WN3K Swan Song.....??

Robert Penneys radio at UDel.Edu
Sun Oct 27 23:27:38 EST 1996

And not a moment too soon. Geez, what a rotten call sign. On phone,
what a rotten mode. But I am so much worse an operator that it coulc
could scarcely matter.

Got to contest QTH with seven minutes to spare. Interface decided not to
work, tried to fix it, rebooted all kinds of CT versions, got another one
from WB2R who spent an hour or so on the phone with us Fri. nite.
We could change freq, but not grab spots. Other typical anomalies.
Everything else went OK; took at least eight or ten hours for sleep,
went for a ride to the corner store, and generally space out.
I get real tired of it by Saturday but seem to hit my stride in the
closing stretches, or other random bits of time.

Anyway, score about one million give or take a couple, SOA.

The usual wonderful hosting, mentoring and hopitality by N2MM and
family (that should read "hospitality" but I can't go back a line.)
It's the dog's life for me; roll out of the car carrying nothing, roll
back in when it's done.

I even enjoyed the contest in spite of my distaste for phone, low bands,
DXing, 48 hour ordeals, the whole business. If it were not such an honor
to be in the world's perennially number one contest club, I'd take a
walk in the autumn woods. But I am thrilled to be among the number.....

High point was being called by HRO owners on 20 meters. Should have
asked them to buy me a clear spot.

CU on CW and maybe a touch of SS.

Tnx all.

Bob  to be formerly known as WN3K

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