David Clemons dave at egh.com
Tue Oct 29 17:53:44 EST 1996

Single Op, Single Band 20 Meters, Unassisted, Low Power

CALL         HRS      SCORE      QSO'S      PTS      Z      DX
K1VUT        25       188,727    502       1419      27     106

Comments:  I'll be glad when the sunspots return.  Finding an
           open spot on 20 is not very easy when almost everyone
	   is on the band, and it's even more difficult to hold one
	   with only 100 watts.  Nevertheless, a bad day at contesting
	   is better than a good day raking the lawn (...which was my
	   other option this weekend...).

	   I heard a strange pulsating static noise when I pointed the
	   antenna over the North Pole on Saturday but not Sunday.  Is
	   this what an aurora borealis sounds like?

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