CQ WW score from FG5BG

Ryuichi Nakano ki6fe at nwlink.com
Wed Oct 30 08:57:59 EST 1996

Had a fun! But was not perfect.

Callsign FG5BG	Operator  KI6FE/JF2DQJ

Band 	QSO 	 Points	DX    Zones
160	86	183	20	6
80	475	1121	61	13	
40	1035	2409	68	19	
20	1389	3614	100	26	
15	1344	3556	80	20
10	607	1383	53	17

Total	4936	12266	382	101   =  5,924,428

Rig TS450+FL2100Z   
Ant Inverted Vee on 160 and 80
    CL66 on high bands
    Beverage to NNW
High Lights
	Could manage some rate on most of the bands.
	Worked HS on 20 long path.
	Caught 10m opening to Southern EU on Sunday evening.
Low Lights
	Alpha did not work so I had to use FL2100 which 
	 Georges kindly let me use.
	Big thunder storm on first night. Made me QRT for a while.
	Very high static noise during the entire contest.
	Line noise from EU direction.
	Took 3.5 hours sleep(which was supposed be 1.5 hrs) and missed
	  my second sunrise.

	I really thank for Georges, FG5BG who took care of me very well
	during my stay. I could take a shower and sleep in a 
	air-conditioned room! 
	Of course thank all of you who called me during the contest.
	QSL to KI6FE please. See ya from there again.

              				KI6FE  JF2DQJ
					Ryu Nakano
 					ki6fe at nwlink.com

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