J.E. Goldsberry jegold at sat.net
Wed Oct 30 16:40:23 EST 1996

AB5LX single operator
      10 meters only 
      low power

Operating time: 3:45

Band    QSOs    Zones   Countries
10      86      10      30
Score: 9,000

        I wish I could have realized that the contest was this weekend.  I
turned on the radio Sunday morning to find a VA3 with a booming signal
calling "CQ CONTEST" on 14.148.  I tuned up the next few KHz to find that
the band was totally crowded.  Then the computer began to give me a bunch of
trouble wanting me to verify that it was going to change the time.  I went
ahead and set it to WWV.  I heard the SFI information while I was there.  I
then went on to 21 MHz to see if it was open.  It was definately open.  I
then went on to check out to see if 28 MHz was going to open up at all.  It
had quite a few people on it considering that this is the bottom of the
sunspot cycle.  I decided that my best bet was to do a Single band entry.  

**Working all-time new country 3DA0NX at 1551z + 5 other African
  stations including ZS, ZD8 twice, V5, and 7P8.
**Getting a chance to exercise my Spanish skills (very little) to the
  South American stations 
**Not having a Voice-Keyer.  Had to do all of the CQing, exchange,
  etc. by my own voice every single time - not by a button on the
**Only 2 stations north of me (N2OFK and VP9ID)
North America---22%
South America---71%
See you in CQWW CW. Oh yes, for those wondering, I am NOT going to do a
single-band 10 meter entry in the CW test.

73, Jason AB5LX


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