Gerald J Kersus gjk at hogpa.ho.att.com
Thu Oct 31 09:18:38 EST 1996

Band      QSOs    Zs     Cs
 160       31      9     21      Inverted-L @ 55 ft, 550-ft NE Bev
  80      101     14     52      Inverted-V @ 55 ft, 550-ft NE Bev
  40      105     21     64      Assorted crummy wires
  20      407     29    110      KT-34XA @ 60 ft
  15      455     25    112             "
  10      105     11     32             "
         1204    109    391  ===> 1,688,500

Rig:  IC-765 & Alpha 78

Once again the progation gods came through and fooled the propagation
gurus!  Everyone's already discussed low-band conditions.  I chatted with
EI7M op Saturday on 15 and he told me they had very few US stations on 80.
This at least made me realize it wasn't just my antenna changes from last
year!   I had spent Thursday afternoon taking down the XA to find and fix a
problem I uncovered while operating JOTA the previous weekend -- 20 M SWR
was above 2.5:1 across the band!  Based on propagation predictions, I
wasn't going to risk doing this since it meant taking down ALL my antennas
to get the beam down.  By using K2PH's antenna analyzer, I correctly guessed 
where the problem was and I decided to try fixing things.  I managed to get 
everything back up before dark. Glad I did, even if I was tired and sore

Gerry, W1GD

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