4M5X M/S Results (WWSSB)

Ken Silverman ken.silverman at CCMAIL.AirTouch.COM
Thu Oct 31 11:43:11 EST 1996

                         CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1996
           Call: 4M5X                     Country:  Venezuela
           Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi Single
           160      137       393     2.87     11       31
            80      343       971     2.83     20       83
            40     1383      4039     2.92     29      110
            20     1572      4590     2.92     31      134
            15     1841      5440     2.95     30      134
            10      428      1218     2.85     22       67
         Totals    5704     16651     2.92    143      559  =>  11,689,002
     Operator List: 
     YV5JDP, Giovanni Bianchini
     YV5EED, Ramon Perez Brett
     YV5IQJ, Victor Maldonado
     YV5JCN, Nelson Riverio
     YV5LMW, Antonio de Aberu
     YV5MHX, Eduardo Barboza
     YV5RW,  Ray Campos
     WM2C,   Kenny Silverman
     Equipment Description:  Station of YV5JDP, Caracas
     Station 1:  TS950, Alpha 76
     Station 2:  TS940, Drake L4B
     Station 3:  TS450, SB221
     Packet:     Via Internet from USA and Italy
     Tower 1
     160:  Full size 1/4 sloping vertical
     40:   3 ele yagi
     10:   5 ele yagi
     Tower 2
     80:  Inverted-V, 1/4 sloper
     20:  5 ele yagi
     15:  5 ele yagi + 4 ele yagi fixed EU/AF (for double beaming)
     4M5X Story:
     While you have heard 4M5X on in CW contests in the past few years, 
     most of the recent operations have been by myself and the M/S team of 
     WS4E, K0PP, KE7X, & WX9E.  This year I went down solo for a bit a 
     vacation, and to train the members of Groupo DX Caracas (holder of 
     4M5X) on world competitive WW M/S operations.  The Association (as 
     they call themselves), is group of hams who are dedicated to the 
     spirit of dx-peditions, contesting, people, and radio events.  You 
     have probably worked members of the association on numerous occasions 
     as YX0AI, 4M5LR, YW5LT, 4M0ARV, and numerous other expeditions.  
     The original plans were to go to La Orchillla island for a nice beach 
     operation, but we ended up at YV5JDP's QTH (site of the 1995 CQ WW CW 
     4M5X operation - check cover of October CQ Contest).  While the team 
     has been on a lot of dx-peditions, they are relative newcomers to 
     contesting, let alone world competitive tactics.
     Most of the learning was OPT (on-pileup-training), and passing mults 
     was the toughest challenge.  But by the end of the contest,  the team 
     was getting good at passing mults, and a great time was had by all.  
     Special thanks go to Eduardo, YV5MHX, for manning the packet 
     connections.  To stay connected to the YV cluster, we had to hit 
     "enter" every 10 minutes, or we would be disconnected.  Eduardo 
     dedicated many a sleepless hours to keeping the cluster running.  
     I think the 4M5X team should be proud of their first world-class team 
     contest operation - they did great!!  
     Band Summary:
     160:  Some EU the first night.  Too bad we didn't have the mult 
     passing game down then, as the second evening was a total wipeout -  
     as local lightening rendered the band useless with QRN.  We need to 
     get some better ears on this band.
     80m:  Similar conditions as 160.  Finding a frequency on 80 was an 
     interesting challenge for some of the ops, as they didn't quite 
     understand that a quite frequency in YV might have +40 signals in EU.  
     For the little time we spent on 80m the mult totals were quite nice.  
     Surprising to see a JA logged on this band, especially at 2 1/2 hours 
     before JA sunset.  Either they were strong, or we blew a double mult, 
     as we never worked another JA on this band.
     40m:  Strong signals from everywhere, but crowded as usual.  No other 
     way to hear the callers except to CQ below 7025.  Nice JA opening 
     produced the most JA QSOs of any band.
     20m:  The night before the contest, 20m was dead at 0000 GMT like it 
     has been for about a year.  But to our surprise it was open at the 
     start of the contest.  Usually 20m has decent openings to JA, but this 
     year was different.  Out of the 18 Asian stations worked on 20m, 9 of 
     them were from Japan.   Highlight of 20m:  about 10 minutes before the 
     end of the contest, I saw a spot for DU9... the pileup was big from 
     the USA, and the DU9 was about S1.  Hmm, how do I break the pileup??  
     I rearranged my pants, and in the best YL voice I could muster, gave 
     one quick "4M5X".  Amazingly,  I broke the USA pileup with one call.  
     You should have heard the laughter of the group after I pulled that 
     one off!!  
     15M:  The "Energizer Bunny Band"  it kept going and going (sorry for 
     the local reference for our non-USA colleagues).  We had set up a 
     second yagi fixed on EU/AF to double beam, and it was worth a 
     tremendous amount of points.  We were running USA, EU, AF and PAC long 
     path well into our early evening.  At one point I was running 4X's, 
     YB's, and 5Z4's!!!  Nice longpath over EU into YB, VK, and ZL.  I 
     can't believe that we didn't work more rare stuff, as the LP signals 
     were over S9 most of the time.   The other great mystery:  we didn't 
     work one JA on 15m!  I would have passed one from 20, but there 
     weren't any strong ones to pass.
     10M:  After hearing HC8N running the USA early Saturday morning, and 
     us not hearing anything from USA, I was getting depressed again 
     (repeat of WW CW 1995).  But the band did finally open later, with 
     strong USA signals.  At the time, the "last 100" rate on 15m was 
     around 300, so we didn't run on 10m until the second day.  Sunday 
     highlight was +10 S9 BONE-CRUSHING loud YB longpath over EU.  Similar 
     loud signals from Africa, and only a few weak EU stations, mostly on 
     Club Affiliation:   Groupo DX Caracas
     73, and thanks for the QSOs!
     Kenny WM2C
     P.S. Many thanks to Giovanni, YV5JDP, and XYL Anabella, YV5JDQ, for 
     their hospitality.

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