TIC RING 1022 problem(s)

Dravland, Todd ToddD at dci.state.sd.us
Wed Sep 4 11:38:00 EDT 1996

I know some of you ring rotator gurus may  have had this problem happen. 
 Ed, W0SD,  is experiencing a couple of problems with his 1022.  He 
mentioned that the rotator does not turn at all, and the most interesting 
part is that when he turns the direction control knob  on the control box, 
the indicator needle tracks with the rotation of the knob.  Any ideas on 
possible solutions to the problem??  Also, he is wondering if anyone has a 
parts list and/or schematic diagram?  Thanks for all the  help.  73,

todd, WD0T

toddd at dci.state.sd.us

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