CW Sprint score

Steve Lufcy km0l at
Sun Sep 8 00:40:17 EDT 1996

NA CW Sprint score:
Call: KM0L
Op: KM0L
Sec: Mo
Exchange: # Steve Mo
Team: Mad River Sprint Team #1

Band    Q's    Mult's
 80      73               Inv V @ 65'
 40     114               Dipole @ 65'
 20      62               A4 @ 65'
total   249  x  41   =>   10,209 claimed score

rig: TS-940s - MLA2500B  abt 700w

comments: About as expected. Started on 40 and still didn't work very 
many of the teammates, and 20 suffered. Missed some easy mults- Az, Ks, 
La, Vt, Wi, and all VE's but VE7 and VE2. Heard W0UY across the state 
line in Ks but when I called him he said "up" (wasn't his freq) and with 
2 minutes to go I missed him- ouch.
As always, it was fun. Hope to catch more mults on SSB.
73 de KM0L Steve in KC

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