N5FG cw sprint score

Ray Rocker rocker at datasync.com
Sun Sep 8 05:45:16 EDT 1996

Sprint score for N5FG (op WQ5L):

20CW   96
40CW  106
80CW   71
Total 273 x 41 == 11,193

Gear: FT-1000, Alpha 76A, tribander, 2el 40m, Carolina windom

The bands: seems 20 always is long for CW sprint, but not this time!
I probably left it too early. Only spent 1:15 there after first
15 mins on 40 per WX3N's hint, which was a good move I think.
Normally I wait until past 0300 to go to 80 and wind up regretting 
it; made the switch at 0245Z this time, yuck, noise and weak signals,
rate went to hell.

Other mistake: not paying enough attention -- well, none at all --
to mults. Only 41 was disappointing. Worked all I heard though
except the VE2 who got away. Missed VT, ME, NC (thanks Fran?),
LA, MS (argh! not fair!), UT, AZ, SD, NE, AK, HI, and all VE 
except BC.

Rate by hour: 1st hour 80, 2nd hour 72, 3rd hour 64, 4th hour 57.
Excuses for drop: getting beat left and right on 80 meters,
and escalating headache due to squinting at monitor because I 
brought the wrong pair of glasses. 

Anyway, my goal was to break 250, mission accomplished,
no steroids even. 73,

-- Ray, WQ5L, rocker at datasync.com

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