CW Sprint Score-N3BB

James K. George Jr. n3bb at
Sun Sep 8 10:26:49 EDT 1996

Decided to get in the CW sprint at semi-last minute.  Condx were good 
except for very tough 80 QRN.  Beverages to NE and NW helped-couldn't 
hear much on the Tx antenna.  Gotta get up to speed on two radio set up 
as did the antique paper/pencil and one radio deal.  Have not taken the 
time to get my TR going on two radios.  However the rate on this contest 
is scary for a poor typist like me, so on this one I revert to 
paper/pencil-and the poor results show it.

Apologies to KM9P and M6MZ whom I duped as hadn't written their calls in 
the dupesheet.  Apologies as well to ( I think) KR2Q (maybe it was W2RQ) 
late in the contest as I got mixed up and called a CQ on a freq following 
my QSO and it was not my freq then.  Felt like a dodo but that happens in 
this contest late in the game. 

The antennas worked well-the 20 stack seemed to play well.  On 40 I used 
the 3 el yagi to the NW and the "killer inverted vee" for the NE and 
E/SE.  Had to listen on the beverage even on 40 with the high noise-at 
least on the inverted vee.  80 is a simple inverted vee at about 100 on a 
hill. Thanks to VE6EX for patience in a 90 second QSO on 80 as he repeated 
all the info for me several times.  Enjoyed working HH2AW-his signal was 
pretty weak but the distinctive keying made it OK to copy off the back of 
everything.  Thanks to XE/AA6RX for the reliable XE-but only heard him on 
only one band.  Congrats to K1KI and K1DG for FB afforts from the NE.    

Down here there are a lotta strong signals.  It was FB listening to WX0N 
and K5GN and N5RZ who are masters of the art.  Very smooth.  Missed Tree 
on 80 even though heard him several times.

Results (Not good)
20: 120-2dupes =118
40:  97
80:  57 (in a full hour-very disappointing)
Mults:  42
Score 272 X 42= 11,424 points

TS940S/Alpha 87A
5/5 at 130/40 on 20
3L at 120 and inv vee at 60 on 40
inv vee at 100 on 80
600 ft beverages to NE and NW
antennas on 100 foot hill
Definately operator limited!

Fun and humbling to spend 4 hours with this crowd!!

73, Jim

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