AB6FO CW Sprint

KWIDELITZ at delphi.com KWIDELITZ at delphi.com
Sun Sep 8 14:57:02 EDT 1996

AB6FO CW Sprint

UTC    80   40   20  rate total

00Z     0    2   62    64    64
01Z     0   47   19    66   130
02Z    13   47    3    63   193
03Z    48   14    0    62   255

tot    61  110   84  ----   255 X 45 = 11,475

Team: SCCC #1

Weird stuff, going to a new NA version. When I was getting the station ready
and fired up the amps for the first time with NA10, I found I was getting RF
into the computer on 40 at 800 watts. Loaded NA9 and no problem at 1500
watts. Loaded NA10 and the problem was back. I traced it to the LPT1 cable.
When the LPT1 cable went through my printer switch, via the cable holes in
the back of the desk, I had a problem. If I moved the cable around the front
of the desk, or bypassed the switch, the problem went away. No amount of
ferrite would solve the problem. Fortunately, I was doing this inbetween my
kids soccer games early in the day, so I can't use it as an excuse for my
Sprint performance. Like I said, weird stuff.

This was the first time I tried to seriously use two radios in the sprint.
It is MUCH harder than in any other contest. You can't wait around listening
on the second radio to pick up the call like in other contests where you are
S&Ping. One shot and boom. The learning curve definately cost me QSOs. Once
time each I caught N6TR and KM9P on both radios at the same time and
listened to them do it. They are amazing.

In analyzing my log, I clearly have too many multi-minute holes. Seven 2
minute holes, one 3 minute hole and a devastating 4 minute hole. Any helpful
hints about avoiding these? On the positive side, I logged 3 QSOs in one
minute after 2 QSOs in the prior minute for the first time in a sprint.

Worked everything I heard, but didn't hear ME, VT, NC, SC, LA, AR, AZ (K6LL
on vacation), SD, NE, KL7 and VEs 1, 3, 4 (where was VE4VV?,) 6 & 8.

80 was real tough. Other than the West Coast, nobody was real loud here and
not really workable until late in the last hour.


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