AB5LX NA Sprint CW score

J.E. Goldsberry jegold at sat.net
Sun Sep 8 14:21:52 EDT 1996

Name Used:   Jay   ---   State:   TX   ---   Power:   100 Watts   ---
Antennas:   3 ele. tribander and dipoles   ---   Team:   TACO   ---   
Rig:   Kenwood 850   ---   Call:   AB5LX  

Band      QSOs
80m       42
40m       57
20m       47
146 QSOs   X    36 Mults.  =   5,256

        This was my first full effort in Sprint.  Nothing major went wrong
this time, only a few minor things.  During the first contact, I realize
that I forgot to put the state part of the exchange into the computer.  That
costs several minutes.  After that, the contest starts off great.  11 QSOs
in 13 Minutes.  Things went down-hill from there.  36 QSOs in 45 Minutes.
Back to 40 meters hoping that things heat up there.  26 QSOs in 46 Minutes.
At least it wasn't as frustrating as 20 meters was. I seemed to always get a
quiet spot and then get stomped on, and not "I can't find a quiet spot
anywhere."  I then went to 80 meters. Not many people realize that 80 meters
is alive. I do manage 4 QSOs in 5 Minutes.  I go back to 40, and have a
little better luck. 12 contacts/16 minutes. I decide that I've worked
everybody that I can clearly hear, and go back to 80 meters hoping that the
loud ones go there.  599+30 static crashes don't help matters any on 80, and
I manage 33 for the next hour. I go right back to 40 hoping to pick up
somebody during the last 2 minutes. I am rewarded with 1 more contact. 
        I don't consider this bad for my first full effort.  

        Maybe in phone, I can do better.  
        My microphone is 80% dead.  I believe it has a bad wire in it, and I
don't know if I can fix it.  I think after 3 surgeries with little success,
the microphone is ready to leave.  Unless it makes a miraculous recovery,
I'm going to be stuck with holding the microphone at a certain angle so it
won't completely go out.

Am looking forward to the next sprint.


Jason AB5LX

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