K8HVT Sprint Results

wallace offutt woffutt at davinci.netaxis.com
Sun Sep 8 16:16:17 EDT 1996

The first Sprint in quite a while from K8HVT.  I'm always away for the Feb
Sprint and about half the time for the Sept version.  Wish there were four
per year. 

Band   QSOs

20      83
40      88
80      67

Total  238 x 40 Mults = 9,520 points

Mad River Team #1


I think the new antenna is helping a bit on 20.  I am now using a 3-el
monobander supported by a rope over a branch in a big oak tree at about
50'.  Works better than the tribander at 32' although being surrounded by
wet leaves probably doesn't help.  Other antennas are inverted vee for 40
and G5RV for 80 both at about 60'. After ten minutes on 80 I realized that
I was using the 40 meter antenna, but switching to the right one didn't
help all that much.  Only 49 Q's in the last hour! 

It's a pleasure to work all the good ops.  And nice to see quite a few
guys working away at 20 WPM or so.  Keep it up!  You'll be at 35 before
you know it!

Before this contest starts, I always set my computer clock by WWV and I
don't send a dit until the clock turns over to 0000:00.  I wish everyone
would do the same.  It's very annoying to tune the band and hear so many
stations beginning up to 45 seconds before the contest starts.


Hal Offutt K8HVT/1
Darien, CT

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