CW Sprint K7GM

Tue Sep 10 16:16:07 EDT 1996

     Well, I was all ready to hit the airwaves with my trusty dipole (now
with one end at 40 feet and the other at 2 feet thanks to the first
hurricane of the season).  Heard the hurricane was coming so did all the
preparation things including lowering the antenna till it was resting
on the roof with more slack than some of my students.  The long and
the short of it was that Fran snapped the 12 ga stranded wire like
it was nothing.  Spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday cleaning up my yard
and helping the neighbors.  Not as bad here as in Wilmington and Raleigh
but bad enough.  Finally got internet/e-mail connection this morning.
     Send your Phone Sprint teams in to me.
Rick, K7GM

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