SSB Sprint Score, KC6CNV

Sun Sep 15 03:34:35 EDT 1996

Band/Q's/mults         Hour/Q's
80     20                       01/67
40     88                       02/48
20     83   44 mults        03/46
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX       04/30!!!
191 X 44 mults = 8,404 (High Power)

EQP: TS-950, TS-930, Titan 425 amp (40 & 80 only)

This was my first SSB sprint.  It was fun, but it was almost 
impossible to work anybody on 80m cuz I am still a general, and not 
many people seemed to listen above 3850. Hopefully I will have my 
Advanced class by the end of the year so I can improve my score. Age 
here is 15 and I am a Junior in High School.  I hope to work you all 
in the Cal Qso Party...    73, Dan  

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