ND8L CW/SSB Sprint Scores

ND8L at aol.com ND8L at aol.com
Sun Sep 15 11:44:21 EDT 1996

Call:  ND8L - Ray in Ohio
 Rig:  FT-1000MP
 Ant: 80/40 - W9INN Sloper at 38'
        20 - Force 12 C4 at 40'
Software:  NA Version 9.27 - worked great...thanks Dave and Tim
CW:  105 Qs 34 Mults - 3,570 claimed score in 3.5 hours
SSB:   87 Qs 38 Mults - 3,306 claimed score in 3.0 hours

First sprint for me...a great contest and a great warmup for the coming
season.  Twenty meters generally soft here...missed the first hour of phone
sprint, cause
the wife let didn't wake me from my post-Seinfeld nap.  Biggest phone thrill:
 WB0O calling me...(where was he last November, when I really needed him ?:-)
)  Biggest CW thrill:  hey...that was a week ago.
Biggest realization...a sloper ain't going to get it done close in.

By the way...where was NJ?

73, Ray
nd8l at aol.com

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