Washington Salmon Run Score

Gary Nieborsky k7fr at ncw.net
Mon Sep 23 14:08:11 EDT 1996

1996 Salmon Run Results from K7 Fish Radio

QSO's	246	158
Mults	51	45
Score	25092	21330
Total		46422


Wow......qso parties must be catching on big time.......had a 150 hour on
20M with the Rate-o-matic at 288 for one stretch!

Had my first real problem with Pig Farmers on 20......AM jamming...unique
but I ignored them and they went away.  Then came the "W9**, W9** this is
W4**, W4** calling on schedule" (repeat 6 times). " W4**, this is W9**.. how
ya doing Elmer? How's Gertrude?  Ruuumatiz still gettin' ya?"  "W9**, from
W4**.....oh yeah and the lumbaga is still actin' up too......Gertrude says
hi and wants to know if yall still got the Victrolla we gave you and Enid
back in '28?...."  You get the picture.......

Had a ball and it was great to hear some of you on.

Gary K7FR

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