[3830] W4AN SOAB CQWW CW 1997

Bill Fisher - W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Mon Dec 1 12:56:16 EST 1997

     160       32       64       10       20
      80       82      214       19       55
      40      853     2431       30       95
      20      777     2265       35      109
      15     1128     3320       29       98
      10      190      543       24       71
     TOTAL   3062     8837      147      448         SCORE: 5,258,015

160M:  Not much.  No Europeans worked.

80M:  All week I was working loud Europeans in the evenings.  This 
weekend they were all weak and couldn't hear me except at their sunrise.  
I had better luck working Asians in the morning.  Needless to say, 
running was not possible on this band.

40M:  AWSOME.  Best I've ever heard it except from K1EA's place 2 years 
ago.  Not much in to JA.  Mostly psychological.  I need to get over it.  

20M:  Weird.  Band closed early.  My usual big rates from 1700-2100 
weren't happening.  Signals appeared to be down for some reason.  A good 
sign of things to come were signals from Europe at their sunrise.  At the 
peak, this is the best time and place to be for big rates.  You must  
have a BIG signal to get their attention though.  That wasn't happening.  
Contest activity well in to the digital frequencies which made it 
frustrating at times.  

15M:  AWSOME.  Europe and JA's.  

10M:  Was too busy running big rate on 15M Sunday morning to leave for 
10.  I figured I could pick off the mults with the 2nd radio which I did 
for the most part.  Couldn't believe when I switched the 2nd radio from 
40M and the first thing I heard was someone sending 599 24.  Wow.  I 
worked VR2WO but didnt have time to hunt anyone else down.  


I cant think of one excuse.  Everything worked great.  This is the first 
time I won't make the top five USA in a very long time... and I feel 

Overall a great weekend.  The rest of the year is just planning and 
preperation for this contest.  Congrats to John for SMASHING my record.  
Also congrats to KQ2M for 5.6M with only wire antennas.  There's 
something to be said for knowing what you are doing with the radio.

Plans are for 3 element full sized yagi on 40M by WPX CW.  After this 
weekend, I'm not sure it will make much difference.  But... heck I gotta 
do something with all my spare time.  :)  


Bill, W4AN

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