DLYNCH at picard.evms.edu DLYNCH at picard.evms.edu
Mon Dec 1 13:33:40 EST 1997

Score from my 9 hour effort - Single op, all-band, high power.

	QSOs	Zones	Countries		Total
	406	  77	   198			312,950

I am always frustrated that this contest, which is always one of the
most fun, falls on Thanksgiving weekend, usually a big family time for
our tribe.  Still, it was fun to get on with conditions so good.  I
had planned to just work 100 or so QSOs to add to the PVRC total, but
got caught up in it and stayed longer.  Nice to see life in ten meters,
and at times, fifteen sounded like twenty!  Harbigers, I hope, of
great things to come....		Vy 73, Don W4ZYT
					(PVRC - Tidewater Colony)

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