[3830] KT1M CQWW CW Score

Wally Teto monadnoc at wgserv.crystal-mtn.com
Mon Dec 1 19:41:13 EST 1997

Call:    KT1M  -  Multi/single
Hrs:     12
Score:   252,672
QSO:     351
Pts:     987
Zone:    69
DX:      187

What great fun, especially on 10 and 15 meters.  Got to work 3 new ones
so thanks especially to YB1AQS, A61AJ, and VK9LX with whom I got lucky
and found him on a new frequency just after his QSY.  Otherwise it was
like yelling into the "Montreal Express".  Hope 10 meter contest has
good condx like this!

Wally / KT1M
Templeton, MA

FT-1000MP / 100 watts
4 el tribander at 45 feet
40 meter vertical
80 meter inverted V
500 foot beverage (didn't work, broken by a deer just before the 'test)

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