[3830] K8AZ CQWW CW M/S Score

Nzharps at aol.com Nzharps at aol.com
Mon Dec 1 19:01:32 EST 1997

K8AZ  M/S   CQWW  Score

   160     49   18   42      Vert + 4SQR  Rx array + Bev.
    80    145   25   87      4 SQR, 2-L yagi, wires
    40   1036  35   126     2/ 2 ,  2-L @ 70'
    20    915   38   141    6/6, 4/4
    15    847   35   124    6/6, 5/5
    10    265   29     93    7/7, 5/5
         3257   180   613  =  7.38m

   Club:  North Coast Contesters
   Inside Hardware:  765's +  Homebrew Amps @ 1500w
                              4 PC's running CT 9.2x
   Operators:  K8AZ+ W2UP, K8MR, K8NZ, K8PP, W8GN, W8KIC, WT8C.

   HIGH Points:  Where does one begin after so many contests with no sun
spots?  Long path JA/VS6/YB on 10m (Saturday a.m.),  amazing sigs from JA on
15/20(both evenings) and good EU on 10m (Sunday), all give hope that
contesting will be great fun again for the next few years. New 160m RX system
made Top Band more fun than usual.  

   low POINTS:  Health problems caused the shack to sound more like a
recovery room than it should.  Several ops had various stages of the flu and
other assorted forms of "crud".  Low band stalwart W8CAR cancelled due to
heart problems..this left the crew saddened and short-handed.  Radios also
felt ill as we lost two 765's.  This was the first time these usually
reliable boxes were a problem.  We had to scramble to make 3 operating
positions do the work of our usual 4.  An AMP also got in on the act and
seemed to require constant attention for the first 24 hrs.  It would allow 4
Q's to be made and then die.  W8GN finally cured the patient Saturday

  For the Crew at AZ,
  Ron, K8NZ                   

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