[3830] KP3Z CQWW CW M/S

Felipe J. Hernandez felipe at isla.net
Tue Dec 2 11:23:48 EST 1997

Hola colegas!!

 After hard work this is the Result from our operation as M/S
 all done with local operators and a new North American Record!!



                     CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1997
       Call: KP3Z                     Country:  Puerto Rico
       Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Single
       160      171      401     2.35     20      67
        80      651     1595     2.45     23      93
        40     1877     4936     2.63     31     105
        20      994     2567     2.58     38     127
        15     1721     4370     2.54     33     110
        10     1137     2684     2.36     31      97
      Totals   6551    16553     2.53    176     599  =>  12,828,575
 Operators: NP4Z, KP4BZ, WP3A, NP3A, NP3J, KP3L
 Technical Support: Ops + KP4RF, KP3P, NP3HM
 Equipment Description:
 Stn 1:          OMNI VI + Titan 40M, 15M
 Stn 2:  FT-990 + SB220 20M, 80M
 Stn 3:  IC 756 + Alpha 91B 160M, 10M, 10-15-20M
 500ft Terminated Beverage East Direction
 Twr 1
         160m Sloping Dipole from 120ft North
         80M Inv V @ Apex 120ft Ends 60ft Broadside EU
         40M CC 2el @ 85ft Fixed EU
         40M Wire V Beam @ 50ft Fixed West
         10M 4el M^2 @ 30ft Fixed EU
 Twr 2
         15M 4el M^2 @ 50ft
         10-15-20M TA-33 @ 75ft
 Twr 3
         20M 4el M^2 @ 25ft
 Club Affiliation: Puerto Rico Contest Club

  What a surprise!! Great propagation and the new QTH really
  helped!  I would like to take my hat off for the local operators
  that worked very hard to set up the station for the big one.
  We never expected to break the record for north america and much less
  to be so close to the world record.
  A crew composed with very young guys(kp3l 14 yrs old) with not
  much experience didnt have many chances of scoring big, but 
  with all the hard work and me screaming "PASS THE MULTS and KEEP
  THE RATE UP!!!" all weekend long they didnt lack of any motivation!.

  Multiband multipliers in the like of  8Q7DV , 3W5FM, BV7FC, KH2,
BY4SZ, VR2WO, 5V, TF, YB, 9M, DX1, HL, 5A2, V8,
  Really kept us busy all weekend with endless schedules and passing.
 For all of you that dont know I am oficially resting NP4Z for the
 contests and will use KP3Z from now on, NP4Z is just for my personal

 With many scores to come we are celebrating an all time high
 score that means a big win for us here in the Island, specially 
 when it was done completely with local operators, again I feel 
 very proud for the guys that started with me a couple of years
 ago and believed in all this!
 If you hear this guys please congratulate them personally on the
 air since they need all the encouragement they can get!

 KP4BZ Tim (long time partner)
 NP3A ex KP4TK Erik
 KP3L Luis 
 NP3J Jaime
 WP3A Jaime
 KP4RF Oscar
 KP3P Moises
 NP3HM Jorge
 Puerto Rico Contest Club 

 Congrat's to all for the big scores

 73's and see you in the next one!

 Felipe NP4Z

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