[3830] cwww97cw from ly2fn

Ricardas.Strolia Ricardas.Strolia at vdu.lt
Wed Dec 3 17:49:21 EST 1997

                  HF Contest Summary Sheet

Callsign:  LY2FN                      Total Claimed Score    675280

Contest ____CQ WW  ______________________________    Date _29-30.12.1997

Mode    ___CW_______   Single/Multi Op  ___SO____    Section __SO low power

Team : "Lithuanian Team - NOT HIGH POWER"

Club Affiliation: Kaunas University of Technology R.C /KTU RC/

Contest Exchange (e.g. County Code) __599__15_________

Band         160m     80m     40m     20m     15m     10m    Total

Valid QSOs    148     310     314     231     127      12     1142

QSO Points    156     345     531     462     313      33     1840

Bonus/Mult.    47      64     101      78      70       7      367

TX/RX      Home brew

Power o/p  abt 100 watts

Antennas   Dipoles 160,80,40,20 m and 5B GP 20-10 m

Comments   Nice cndx , nice contest!

           I try the EI5DI SD contest loging program,it liked me!


I declare that this station was operated strictly in accordance with
the rules and spirit of the contest and within the conditions of my
licence.  My report is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.
I agree that the decision of the contest organisers shall be final
in all cases of dispute.  I agree to the data from this entry being
entered into a computer for the sole purpose of the contest adjudication.

   Date  __1997.12.2____

Name      RICHARD STROLIA                        Callsign  LY2FN
Address   P.O.BOX 1181
          KAUNAS LT-3000
          E-mail: abrist at vdu.lt

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