[3830] K0EJ 1997 CQWW CW

Mark Speck Mark_Speck at ittsheraton.com
Fri Dec 5 11:04:22 EST 1997

     Only a part time effort due to visiting relatives all week. I echo 
     comments on 160/80 and even 40M from zone 4, at least late Friday nite 
     and early Saturday AM. Had some weak EUs and then some loud JAs CQ in 
     my face on 80. Highlight was LP VR2 and YB1 on 10M! BIG SIGNALS!
     New FT1000MP (recent "retirement" gift to myself) sure is nice. 
     Thought it lacked sensitivity but now realize the rcvr is a lot 
     quieter than the 930.
     K0EJ       387 Qs          93Z     180C    286,800 points
        9 hours, Low power near Nashville, TN
     GO  TCG!!!                         Mark K0EJ   

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