[3830] K0EJ ARRL 160 Contest SOHP

Mark E Speck k0ej at juno.com
Sun Dec 7 13:43:13 EST 1997

1030 Qs       76 sections         6 DX mults (XE, P4, 3E, OK, DL, G) 
just a hair over 170,000.

Missed NL, PR,  VY1/VE8.

Conditions seemed down from last year and signals were a little down but
sure was plenty of activity. No such thing as a clear freq any more.
After having 800+ Qs the last 2 years (813 in '95 and 885 last year) I
was determined to break 1000. Miracle of miracles, no Friday or Saturday
nite social engagements this year which had prevented me from reaching
the goal in the past (I realize it is my own choice).

I added a low horizontal loop run around the backyard fence (about 400')
which helped a lot in terms of noise/fatigue this year.  Rates were not
quite as high as last year 's Friday nite  but finished this Friday nite
with over 700 Qs.  Highlights were getting WAS, getting called by my 3 EU
mults Saturday nite, catching a KL7 all by himself in the window before
the horde and then breaking a pile-up to catch AH6M. Probably should have
S & Ped more but had to break 1000!!!!!

Used a FT1000MP,  700W  to an inverted L (63' up, 80' or so out). Weather
was COLD (for TN) and noise not too bad. 
Worked a lot of the TCG brethren  and probably some new recruits!

It was fun....				73,  Mark K0EJ

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